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Terry Barber

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Evangelization in The Third Millennium, Terry Barber

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Terry Barber, co-host of EWTN's Reasons for Faith Live radio program enthusiastically shares why evangilization is the quest for truth in an age of compromise and explains why America must "Wake up to Jesus!" Barber reminds us that to evangelize, you must have FIRE (Faith, Intercession, Reconciliation, Eucharist) and desire and why evangelization is Christ above all else. . . and why it is Christ or nothing. Terry Barber has over 30 years of evangelization experience and his passion and excitement for the faith is like nothing else you will ever hear. However, Terry is like every other Catholic in this sense: He understands that EVERYONE, once you let God fill you with FIRE and DESIRE, you will be "evangelizing without even trying."   "Jesus is the answer to every question of every human heart; Only His Church can show His people the way to love and the path to true happiness." Archbishop Jose Gomez   "If you pray well, you will live well, if you live well, you will die well, if you die well, all will be well." St. Augustine   Includes 3 CD's  

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