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In St Faustina's School of Trust

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We place into the hands of the readers, especially the Apostles of the Divine Mercy, the next work in a series from the cycle of Saint Faustina's spirituality: In Saint Faustina's School of Trust. In the first, entitled The Spirituality of Saint Faustina, the essential features of her spirituality were outlined; namely, the knowledge of the mystery of Divine Mercy and its contemplation in everyday life; the attitude of trust towards the Lord God and mercy toward neighbor; love for the Church and concern for the rescue of lost souls; Eucharistic worship; and devotion to Our Lady of Mercy. The present work presents a broad discussion of the attitude of trust towards the Lord God, which is characteristic of Saint Faustina's spirituality and therefore of the apostles of the Divine Mercy who strive to acquire it. -Excerpted from the Introduction of the book. Soft cover


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