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Prove It, The Catholic Teen Bible

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Sometimes the answers aren't enough. Sometimes you want to know why they're the answers. Any Bible can answer questions. This is the one that explains why those answers are the answers.   The answers to what? To the questions you've been asking your parents, your teachers, your friends ... yourself. "What's life all about and where do I fit in? What's my life all about, and where do God, family, friends, and all the rest fit in? How do I know God even exists, and what do the life and death of Jesus have to do with me right here, right now? If God loves us all, why should I bother taking my Catholicism seriously? If all religions are pretty much the same, why be a Catholic at all?" "The Bible matters?" Yes. "Prove it!" That's exacly what this book does as it takes a frank and honest look at God, Jesus, Church, prayer ... and you.   The New American Bible, 1394 pages And a special section called The Map; Being a disciple of Jesus is a whole way of life.
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