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How to Stay Catholic in College

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How You Can Make It Through College with Your Faith Strong and Secure   As you know, college will be an exciting new chapter in your life. It's a time of new beginnings, first explorations, and novel experiences. But it's also a turning point in your life--a time of vital decisions. How To Stay Catholic in College will give you proven strategies for meeting the challenges of college, while growing closer to God and building a faithful and happy life.   In this booklet you will discover.... ~Two key temptations every college student faces--and how they stand in the way of God's plan for your life ~What to do when your faith wanes or disappears: A simple exercise every Christian should practice that will make the love of God come alive in your life ~The dangerous allure of relativism ~God is waiting to help you choose a vocation, a career, a spouse and a life ~Crucial books every Catholic, especially college students, should read to be inoculated against the errors that destroy faith   With the help of this booklet, you will get off on the right foot, will faithfully handle the challenges that college and life bring you, and will find the fulfillment God created you to have.   Author Christopher Kaczor [Taken from the back cover.] 17 pages.
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