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Prove It! God

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So what's up with God?  It would be easy to believe if a couple of seas suddenly parted or a few cities were destroyed with fire and brimstone, or people were able to walk on water.  But after spending a jillion Sundays in church, you haven't seen anything that would convince you that God is alive--much less that God cares about you personally.      In fact, nobody is giving you clear, solid help in dealing with the really important questions in life--like does God exist?  What does God want from me?  Does it matter if I'm Catholic or not?      Until now. God, the first in the Prove It series, answers the real questions you have about God, the Catholic Church, other religions, evolution, good and evil, and a whole lot of other things you never hear about in religion classes, Sunday sermons, or from your parents.      But don't take our word for it.  Read Prove It! God and decide for yourself.  What do you have to lose beside your doubts?   Author Amy WelbornSoft cover, 156 pages Author Amy WelbornSoft cover, 156 pages Author Amy Welborn Soft cover, 156 pages
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