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The 'One Thing' is Three

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How the Most Holy Trinity Explains Everything   WARNING: This book is dangerous. It brims with wisdom and wonder, and with enthusiastic and infectious joy. If you want to preserve your comfortable categories and idiological classifications of Catholicism as either "liberal" or "conservative," don't read this book. It will turn your prejudices inside out and upside down. If you think the Church's teachings are unintelligible, outdated, impersonal, boring, repressive, platitudinous, impractical, or irrelevant; if you think that theology makes no difference to the energy and joy with which you live your daily life; if you think Vatican II was a mistake; if you think John Paul II was not the greatest man of the 20th century; if you think the Church's old dogmas, like the Trinity and practices like Marian devotion and Eucharistic Adoration, are "out of touch" with the modern world and modern youth; then this is the very best book for you. It will turn your myopia inside out. Imagine John Paul II writing a book on all the mysteries of Catholic theology in a simpler style than he ever used before. You've imagined this book. This is the very best example I have ever seen of "the new evangelization" in the form a a book for contemporary Catholics. It covers just about everything, yet slowly and clearly. If you wonder what God is doing in the Church today to convert and convince the modern world, read this book. It's an amazing achievement: It's simple enough for beginners and profound enough for professionals.   ~Peter Kreeft, Ph.D. Author, Speaker, and Professor of Philosophy, Boston College   Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, M.I.C., is a member of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception and author of the bestselling books Consoling the Heart of Jesus and 33 Days to Morning Glory. When he is not preaching missions and retreats, Fr. Michael lives and works on Eden Hill in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, home of The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.   Marian Press, Soft cover, 394 pages  

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