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Scriptural Rosary Portuguese

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The Scriptural Rosary book is a modern version of the way the Rosary was once prayed throught Western Europe in the Late Middle Ages. In those times--about 1425 to 1525 A.D.--people recited a different little thought, or meditation, as they prayed each Hail Mary of the Rosary. These thoughts for each Hail Mary bead described some event or incident in the lives of Jesus and Mary. The new Scriptural Rosary presented here follows this old medieval custom of assigning a different little thought, to each Hail Mary bead. The thoughts have been arranged so that the story of each Mystery unfolds, bead-by-bead, in ten consecutive steps. Most importantly, the Scriptural Rosary draws its Hail Mary thoughts directly from inspired writings of the New and Old Testaments. It is for this reason that this new version of praying the Rosary is call the 'Scriptural' Rosary because197 of the 200 little Hail Mary thoughts are direct quotations from the scriptures. You are likely to discover, as did the people of the Middle Ages, that the bead-by-bead method of meditation can help to increase the devotional impact of the Rosaries you pray. For as our mind becomes more attentive to the profound messages of the Mysteries, we are more likely to appreciate what they contain, follow what they advise, and obtain what they promise.   [Taken from the Introduction] 100 pages, with illustrations
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