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No Turning Back, A Witness To Mercy Spanish

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No Turning Back is the same amazing conversion story he has spoken about -- only now, it's finally available in print! Fr. Donald's own conversion story has inspired thousands of people around the world. His status today as a devout Catholic priest contrasts with his troubled youth as a high-school dropout who had been kicked out of a foreign country, institutionalized twice, and jailed repeatedly. Find out how a book on Our Lady led to his conversion and an ardent love of Mary and the Church and thus becoming a Priest promoting the message of Jesus, The Divine Mercy. Father Donald Calloway, MIC, has inspired thousands to trust in our Lord's Mercy. This is an amazing, captivating story because the Divine Mercy is an amazing and captivating reality. The power of Jesus and Mary move through this story like the power of a 10-foot Pacific wave. Read this book and watch the same wave lift Donald Calloway that lifted Paul and Augustine, Francis and Ignatius from "incorrigible" and "Impossible" to "radically converted." It's the old, old story, and it's irresistibly new every time. Here, it's told with winsome candor and simplicity by an ex-druggie, ex-criminal surfer-priest. ~Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., Spanish


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