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Tears of God

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Persevering in the Face of Great Sorrow or Catastrophe   "I am writing this book for all those who have experienced horror or catastrophe in their lives." ~Fr. Benedict Groeschel   The beloved spiritual director and psychologist Fr. Benedict Groeschel, drawing uon his own personal experience of disaster, wrote this book for all those who have suffered great sorrow or catastrophe in their lives, as well as for those who are close to such persons and who share their deep suffering. Sorrow comes into the life of every person, but catastrophe comes only into the lives of some people. These great sorrows can come in various ways and with devastating effects. Fr. Benedict, with practical advice and prayers for use in times of distress, guides the reader through the effects of catastrophes in relationship to our faith in divine providence, in God's goodness and mercy, and in the light of Christ's suffering and death. Christianity is the only religion which speaks of a God who suffered a terrible catastrophe for our sake--crucifixion and death. Therefore, the Christian must, in the midst of catastrophe, go to the foot of the cross and there find answers that cannot be given by any other religious faith. All religions attempt to deal with catastrophe; all confront the mystery of suffering and of evil. Christianity invites you to share the burden of your catastrophy with the person who is our Savior and Redeemer.   107 pages
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