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Why Does God Permit Evil?

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Hatred, murder, terrorism, and war spring from the sins of men. But why does God let children suffer the effects of these evils? Why does He let earthquakes destroy cities, cancer kill humans? Indeed, how could He have let evil enter the universe in the first place? These pages provide the most comprehensive explanation of the mystery of evil available today. In them, you'll discover the source of the appalling savagery that lies near the heart of Nature; you'll come to understand why the Earth and its people groan in pain.... Yet, as this book shows, evil never defeats God. Rather, He uses suffering to destroy the very sin that fathers evil. That fact alone will console anyone who is troubled by the evil that mars our universe. These pages explain how you and I can transform our own suffering into deeds God can use to ensure finally and indeed, as He promised Dame Julian of Norwich, "all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well." This book not only explains the evil that afflicts us; it provides a remedy for it, a remedy that you and I can begin using today.   153 pages.
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