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Fulton J. Sheen

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Wartime Prayer Book

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Fulton J. Sheen composed this prayer book in 1943, during a time of great danger and suffering for the United States and the world. Our world has fallen again into the shadow of war, and terror stalks souls in many lands. May these prayers that brought holiness and comfort to an earlier wartime generation bring goodness and consolation to ours.   Includes... Clearing Away the Debris Thoughts in Wartime Thoughts for Soldiers Reflections on Prayer Looking into My Soul Encouragement The Eucharist The Blessed Mother The Stations of the Cross Basic Prayers, Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers Occasional Prayers   Fulton Sheen's Wartime Prayer Book was originally published as "The Armor of God" (New York, PJ Kennedy & Sons, 1943). This 2003 edition by Sophia Institute Press is an abridgement of the original text.   182 pages, pocket size
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