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He and I, Book by Gabrielle Bossis

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A gem of a book alleged to contain the words of Our Lord to a French woman called Gabrielle Bossis borne in Nantes in 1874.   Daniel Rops classed this book among "the most authentic masterpieces of spiritual literature", a perfect answer to our needs in this age when we are breaking through the artificial forms of theology to a deeper knowledge of the Divine Being, to a new awareness of the ever-living Person of Christ and all the vastly unexplored possibilities of our atonement with Him. Full of the words of Our Lord.....   Return good for evil. Don't loose a single opportunity.   Smile at everyone. I'll make your smile a blessing to others. when you love Me, you purify yourself. Be my grace for everyone. I transform your prayers into My prayers, but if you don't pray...can I make a plant that you haven't sown bear blossoms?   389 pages
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