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The Man Who Was Thursday

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A powerful picture of the loneliness and bewilderment which each of us encournters in his single-handed struggle with the universe. ~C.S. Lewis   Widely considered as Chesterton's masterpiece, "The Man Who Was Thursday" defies classification. Subtitled 'A Nightmare' by Chesterton, it is a fast moving detective thriller Drawing on contemporary fears of anarchist conspiracies and bomb outrages, "The Man Who Was Thursday" is firmly rooted in its time and place - turn of the century London - but it also defines temporal boundaries. Police detective Gabriel Syme infiltrates a secret world that seems to have gone beyond humanity when he is elected 'Thursday,' one of the members of the Central European Council of seven anarchists. Dreamlike thrilling and frequently funnier, the novel attacks contemporary pessimism, and through a bizarre series of pursuits and intrigues, returns the hero - and us - to earth more aware of its beauty, promise, and creative potential.   Complete and Unabridged Audiobook Contains 5 Compact Discs Running time: 6 Hours

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