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St. Benedict Olive Wood Crucifix

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This special Saint Benedict Olive Wood and Metal Crucifix measures 4 x 8". Each one is unique and handcrafted using the pruned branches of the olive trees growing on the hills of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It comes ready to hang and with a pamphlet that explains the significance of the St. Benedict crucifix; in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.   The origin of the medal of St. Benedict is very ancient. It was certainly suggested by the efficacious use that the patriarch made of the sign of the cross against the assaults of the Demon narrated by St. Gregorio, Benedict XIV established the design of this medal. On one side it carries the image of St. Benedict holding a cross in his hand and on the other side there is a larger cross with Latin initials. On the back there is the effigy of the Saint, holding the cross in his right hand and the rules in his left hand; on his right there is a cup from which a serpent is escaping (a recollection of the poisoned wine from which he miraculously escaped); on the left we have a crow taking away the poisoned bread. The pamphlet also contains an explanation of the words on the medal.   Gift Boxed.

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